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You will probably need to replace flooring in a mobile home eventually, especially if it's an older home or you have encountered a leak. For many years, mobile homes were constructed with sub-flooring made of particle board which essentially acts like a sponge even a small amount of water can cause bowing, warping,

On upper levels of a house, the underside of the floor framing generally serves to back ceiling materials. A floor's framework is made up mostly of wooden joists that run parallel to one another at regular intervals. Or the subfloor may be made of plywood or other panel products that are laid perpendicular to the joists.

Joists are the cross-beams that make up the frame of the floor and sit atop the foundation of the house. On higher floors of a house, the Often made of plywood or composite material, the subfloor is placed atop the joists, preventing damage to the joists and providing a stiffer base for the floor covering. The spacing in the

Q My daughter is thinking of buying a Thirties house which would need quite a bit of modernisation, and has had a survey done. She is worried about the survey report on the floor where it says that the ground floor is part suspended timber and part solid concrete, in the bathroom and kitchen. The surveyor

See More. How To Install A Copper Penny Floor - A Made in USA DIY from USAlovelist. materials, and step-by-step how-tos. Have you ever seen a floor made entirely of pennies? copper coin floor yes please, this guy made a floor out of copper pennies flooring oh my god copper floor will be in my house - love the idea.

Reddit user jake0111 needed a new floor, but his wife had made a living by working at a tile store, and was tired of looking at traditional flooring. He decided to create something totally unique. Using nothing but old pennies, he created a floor that was truly one of a kind and stunned his wife. The floor only cost about $200

Jeff Hosking, a flooring consultant for This Old House, first began laying floors 35 years ago. Back then, 90 percent of his work was installing solid-wood strips with nails. But now, half of the flooring he installs is engineered: made of thin sheets of wood glued together like plywood. Solid wood is classic and can last a century,

As in almost every part of the house, there are a variety of options in exactly how the floor is to be constructed. Factors affecting these laminated beam. This beam is made up of several pieces of wood (usually 2x4's) glued together. This is a factory made item. types of beams. built-up Beam. steel i-beam. Steel is often used

Typically made of plywood or OSB and ranging in thickness from 19 32" to 1 1 8" thick, subfloor is truly structural, second only to joists in this respect. Subfloor holds up all of the above layers of flooring, as well as everything in your house--people, dogs, cats, pianos, furniture. All houses have subfloors.

The subfloor builds on those and attaches by various means particular to the support structure but the support and subfloor together always provides the strength of a floor one can sense underfoot. Nowadays, subfloors are generally made from at least two layers of moisture resistant ('AC' grade, one side finished and

During the first two-thirds of the 19th century, wooden floors that weren't painted were intended to be covered; they were made of structural, not finish-grade, lumber, so knots and other blemishes abounded. The then-recent invention of the power loom meant that carpet was becoming more affordable to the

Considering that the pallet industry consumes around 4.5 billion feet of hardwood annually (which is often made from expensive wood such as teak, hickory, etc.), this is a lot of potentially valuable planks going to waste. In this article, we will discuss how you can go about using pallet wood for flooring in an

Real Wood Floors Made From Plywood. Plywood sounds so . . . cheap. But look how our plywood floors turned out! I'm loving it. The reason we chose to go with plywood floors instead of pre-engineered floors are: Cost. This method was MUCH less expensive and we have a whole house to re-do. We like a more rustic

This can't be stressed too much, as there are many squeaky floors and tiled floors that develop cracks caused by a subfloor that wasn't securely fastened to the joists. In fact, the squeaky floors that exist in older homes are the result of subfloors made from 1-inch boards that have come loose from the joists,

Most sculleries had solid floors - they were used for washing and were likely to stay wet for long periods. The scullery floor was often 6 inches or so (150mm) below the main house floor in case of leaks or flooding. Some of these solid floors were made from concrete. A typical suspended timber floor from about 1900

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