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Trying to figure out the best garage floor epoxy coating system for your garage as well as your budget isn't always easy. With so many epoxy products, manufacturers, and commercial installers to choose from, it can be frustrating and somewhat overwhelming if you don't know exactly what you want or how an epoxy coating system works. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to break it down into the different types of epoxy products available and explain how they are installed 

So what is the best epoxy flooring. Over the winter I've had the opportunity to look at many epoxy floor coatings, each of which claim to be the best and at this point I'm thoroughly confused. . Johnz, your floor looks terrific! I went with a floor system used by many (or most) of the NASCAR cup and Busch teams. You can get it applied by the vendor (Precision epoxy) or you can do it yourself. The floor is harder to apply (it usually takes three or four coats: primer, color 

Not All 100% Solids epoxy floor Coatings or Paints are Manufactured the Same! Our industrial epoxy floor paint system is used in the most demanding of commercial and industrial settings requiring ultimate durability, as well as in garage, patios and basements around the world. Although at a premium to produce, we only manufacture with 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy solids, high solids urethane and liquid pigments. Using the best technology and industry leading proprietary agents 

Contact epoxy Coating Specialists. Let one of our expert project managers come by for a free, no-pressure consultation. They will determine what material is best for your facility, take measurements and provide a detailed proposal for your unique project.

Trying to find the best epoxy coating for your garage floor and your budget can be difficult. With a lot of epoxy products, commercial installers, and manufacturers to choose from, it can be confusing. Perhaps even overwhelming. Especially, if you don't know what exactly that you want or how the coating system works. The easiest way to solve this problem is to break it down. That's correct. Break it down into the different types of epoxy products available. And then 

Not addressing these questions prior to your purchase is a more likely than not going to lead to disappointing results. The first thing you need to determine is what kind of finish you want/need and what your budget is. Whether your coating an industrial floor or just your garage floor or something in between. If your budget won't allow you to use an epoxy coating system that is equal to or greater than the traffic loads you will run on the floor, then our best advice is don't epoxy paint your 

Aerocoat may not have the same huge reputation as Rust-Oleum, but they are one of the leading brands in the epoxy world. They have decades of combined experience in formulating solutions that are reliable, beautiful, and easy to install. The Aerocoat High Build is an excellent epoxy for garage flooring that is highly durable with its concrete style finish. It is much more hard working than other 

Metallic pigments create depth and movement in the floor that replicates molten metal or ocean blue waters. Metallics are a great option for high traffic retail and commercial applications. Give your customers a unique flooring option; Create 1 off CUSTOM floors; Man Cave approved; Marble look without the cost; Put the "WOW" factor in any entryway or lobby; 1, 2, or 3 color applications for that unique floor; The best self-leveling epoxy on the market today. epoxy-Shell 1000 Metallics, 

Comparison chart between top selling ArmorGarage epoxy floor kits and other epoxy coatings. Know the difference before you buy! Armor Garage epoxy systems Assure You A Long Lasting Beautiful epoxy floor With The Only Guarantee Against Wear! So Don't Be Fooled By Should you still have any questions about which is the best epoxy for you after reviewing this information please feel free to contact us at 866-532-3979 or info armorgarage.com. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF 

The best epoxy For Commercial Duty floors Available. ARMOR II - COMMERCIAL epoxy floorING. $1.09 Armor II is a 100% Complete DIY Commercial epoxy flooring System for Shop and High Traffic floors! Approved and used by the Coast Guard, U.S. Military, Fortune 500 companies, home owners, small and mid size businesses making Armor II a very versatile epoxy floor system with millions of square feet installed world wide. Not a water-based or low quality thin build 

epoxy coatings can be applied right to the top of the molding creating a seamless floor that can be cleaned without worry of water and bacteria buildup. Another one of our best epoxy systems providing a function and design solution for a restaurant is our Lumiere metallic epoxy coating. This is a metallic system that results with a dramatic decorative appearance. For extra durability a Polyaspartic top coat can be applied. This coating resists bacteria build and foot traffic. You can apply a 

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No epoxy is the perfect fit for every application, that's why we offer so much information and many different systems. You need to buy what fits your application needs best. Beware of one coat do all epoxies. From selling millions of square feet of DIY epoxy kits and epoxy flooring systems to military, industrial, commercial and residential users we know that there's lot's of ways to cheaply epoxy paint your floors and very few ways to do it right so that you'll never have to repaint your floor 

It's best to perform this test shortly after there has been a steady soaking rainfall when the ground is saturated.) Alternatives. If you're uncertain that your floor contains a vapor barrier or you don't want to go to great lengths to prepare the surface then epoxy may not be your best choice. Another tried and true method for protecting and beautifying your floor is a solvent-based concrete stain/sealer system. This type of system is different from an epoxy in that it penetrates 

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. DIY epoxy floor PAINT KITS. (best info on garage epoxy paint/floor coating) We still have our 'all the options' professional grade products but now we also offer a high solids, floor chip epoxy system. The purpose of this document is to enable you to compare and evaluate the many different epoxy floor system kits available online. Without some basic background knowledge you cannot compare the different web sites as their product 

Welcome to epoxy2 (E2U), we are a top quality USA made liquid polymer manufacturing company. E2U products can be used in decorative coatings, concrete repair

10 Things to Know Before You epoxy Your Garage. Apoxy Garage floorepoxy floor BasementBasement flooring OptionsGarage epoxyGarage flooringPaint Garage floorsGarage floor CoatingsClean Garage floorGarage floor Finishes. I love a clean garage. I am a woodworker, and I have dust collection systems that help keep it this way. When you epoxy your garage floor, it not only looks nicer, but it also protects it . - My Easy Woodworking Plans 

As you read more about our Ultra Military System Industrial epoxy flooring you'll see that it's the thickest coating with great adhesion and the best resistance to wear from abrasion. How good will it stick to the floor and how good is it at resisting abrasion. Those are the two most important factors to consider when choosing an epoxy floor coating that's best for your floor. Abrasion is wear and it happens every second you move something across your floor. Without the right abrasion 

The best garage floor coating kits, also known as epoxy paint kits, are not what you may think. If you were The best garage floor coating kits that are easiest to apply, long lasting, and offer the best protection, are the newer single-part moisture cured polyurea coatings. Not familiar This can be an advantage when selling this type of coating over a standard epoxy garage floor system that requires a minimum of three days to cure before full return to service. The high 

Garage floor Coatings. Painter Rolling epoxy Paint on Concrete floor. BanksPhotos/E /Getty Images. Garage floor coatings comprise two different types of products, paint, and epoxy. Although it is easy to confuse the two, as both are applied with rollers and brushes, they are actually quite different from a chemical and performance standpoint. If your garage floor is stained with oil, grease, ‚Äčand rust, you can easily give it new life with some garage floor paint.

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