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*Timbers: 5" x 5" and larger E-grades, Suitable for use as individual laminations for structural glued laminated timbers. This lumber has been non-destructively evaluated Dense Select Decking Select Decking, An excellent decking grade that can be used face side down for roof decking or face side up for floor decking.

Decking. DTM Decking is very much about the great outdoors, produced as the traditional Australian home-grown, high quality hardwood decking that has stood the test of time. Species, SPOTTED GUM. Grade, Select Standard and Better. Hardness, 11.0. Profile, 65 x 19 86 x 19 136 x 19 130 x 25 136 x 32

We understand that for the uninitiated buying timber can be a daunting process, so this section of the website has been written with the novice in mind. We've attempted to explain how and why timber is graded and what to expect when you receive a delivery of timber from us. We've also Decking Grading Documents.

For advice, literature and samples Tel 01427 or visit marleyeternit.co.uk 3. 7. JB AntislipPlus. 8. JB Standard. 9 Structural deck boards and Eurocodes. 10 Treatment. Contents. 2 Introduction. 4. Structural grades for timber decking. 5. Why choose anti slip timber? 6. JB CitiDeck

Table 1: Plank Decking Grades. Size. Grade, Principal Uses, Metric, Imperial(actual). Select, For roof and floor decking where strength and fine appearance are required. 38, 64 and 89mm thick 127mm and wider, 1-1 2″, 2-1 2″, and 3-1 2″ thick 5″ and wider. Commercial, For roof and floor decking where strength is

The timber goes through an automated grading line where various measurements are taken that indicate the strength of the wood, with physical defects such as knots The main benefit of C24 over C16 boards in instances where both boards are adequate is that C24 boards can have a wider rafter centre or a smaller deck

Select Grade: Very Clean in its appearance. The least number of natural features such as pin holes and gum veins. Standard Grade: Contains a small number of natural features that give you the natural look that only real timber can provide. Feature Grade: The maximum allowable number of natural features. This floor

A well designed and crafted deck is a welcome addition to any home. Here at Pukepine we take pride in producing a range of classic kiwi decking profiles to the highest standards. Our premium grade decking is graded to exclude everything but the smallest of blemishes with most pieces produced as clear grade timber.

All timber grading is done visually by qualified graders at the timber mill. Graders are looking for machining quality, the size and number of features in the timber flooring, and any flaws. Graders do not grade on colour timber is a natural product and there is always colour variation. Timber flooring is normally separated into

Utility Grade. The cheapest grade of decking timber, usually available on an as is where is basis. May contain any number or combination of defects provided the board holds together during normal handling. Also known as Industrial grade. Note: Radiata decking is often advertised as H3 treated. This is not strictly correct.

HARDWOOD DECKING. Parkside's Queensland Hardwood Decking is a product produced out of the highest of quality Queensland timber resources. Parkside have been producing Queensland decking products for over 60 years, and with their world class sawmilling technology, Parkside pride themselves on producing

The strength of Australian timber is described in terms of "stress grades". Stress Grading is a way of classifying timber, either visually or by mechanical means to indicate the basic properties to be used for structural design purposes. The stress grade is designated in a form such as "F14", which indicates that the timber's

Footing sizes and deck bracing shall be designed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulatory requirements. For alternative sizes, spans and stress grades refer to AS 1684 Residential timber framed construction. For commercial and industrial decks, refer to Technical Data Sheet 7. For decks close to

The grade (strength class) of timber used for structural components such as posts, beams and joists shall be sufficient to cope with the loads placed upon it during its service life. Softwood with a strength class rating of C16 is considered the minimum standard for

All timber decks, whether domestic or commercial, are designed to carry specific loads. These include both uniformly distributed and point loads. The grade rules for the use of structural timber are set out within BS 5268-2:2002, but how do you know which grade to use? Deck boards are a key structural part

GRADES. Decking is available in both unseasoned and seasoned timber in a range of grades and sizes. Stress Grade. The general grade descriptions provided by the relevant Australian. Standards (AS 2082 - Visually Stress-Graded Hardwood, AS 2858 -. Softwood - Visually Stress-Graded For Structural Purposes) satisfy.

Timber End Uses: Decking . In this page: Species; All grades. Decking Grade; Standard Decking Grade. General and responsibilities. These grades also apply to external stairs, handrails and balustrades. These grades meet or exceed the durability performance requirements set out in NZS 3602:2003 for decking

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