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Color composite decking | TREX introduces two new Transcend composite decking colors.

The latest news in the continuing list of class action lawsuits being brought against synthetic composite decking manufactures involves composite decking. According to legal action being reported by deck Magazine, apparently the composite decking boards have “incurable dark spots”. is not alone; a quick internet image search of 'composite decking mold problems' reveals that this is common problem for synthetic deck boards from a multitude of 

A professional deck builder explains the pros and cons of natural wood versus man-made composites for deck materials to help you estimate cost and benefits. The company specializes in windows and doors, custom decks and screened porches, sunrooms, kitchen and bath remodels, siding and additions. Slamans Construction earned Ratings are subject to change based on consumer feedback, so check Angie's List for the most up-to-date reviews. The views 

But, what we did experience is 4, 20" potted tomato plants & our grill blown completely off the deck. The heavy cast aluminum patio table with 8 chairs were slammed into the house. Luckily they hit the siding rather than the windows, which would have broken out. Now we are terrified when we go out of town & have to pull everything to touching the side of the house in hopes of less damage as it readily blows across the slick Transcends . One more reason to NOT 

When composite materials first came out as an option for consumers, many jumped on the bandwagon in an effort to rid themselves of high-maintenance wood decks. But as with any new product, the first wave of composite decking wasn't without its problems. Early versions of the material tended to warp, leaving homeowners with uneven boards and unhappy results. But materials have come a long way since the early 90s. Quality composite decking has a lifespan of 

To extend deck life, eliminate pockets that catch water and debris. Here, on a pressure-treated frame, the author installs composite decking that will completely cover the fascia and rim, avoiding this potential collection zone. The lattice The problem is that rot can invade the deck board or the bottom of the siding when organic matter builds up in the space between the deck and the side of the house — especially on the wind-driven side of the house. The rain hits 

composite-deck. composite decking is a decking material that is composed of several different recycled materials, though mainly hard plastic and wood. This type of product came about to extinguish the problems of typical wood decking. Wood fades, molds, cracks, splinters, and needs to As a result, all you need to do is wash your composite deck every so often to keep mold from latching on (which is a good little trick for your siding, too). Other advances have been installing grain 

Bamboo decking for decks, siding and outdoor structures has arrived. Find out what kind of bamboo will handle the outdoor environment and what won't. And now composite Bamboo. Yes, composite bamboo decking is here and doing well. Read about the very latest product advances in this category. Bamboo decking and siding boards are a manufactured product which gives them amazing consistency but they are still a natural material. As such, they will age and fade to a grey 

The decking boards are tongue and groove so you won't have any problem fitting them together. If you have ever installed vinyl siding on your home, you won't have any problem building a deck with vinyl decking. Shop for the Best Vinyl decking Material on Amazon. Go to top. Wood decks A Traditional Way To Add Spice To Your Home. Wood decks are the best additions to any home. You can locate wood decks anywhere you wish. You can have the wood deck separate from or 

A lousy siding job can lead to expensive and dangerous problems. Wood-Polymer composite on the Market. Cohoon compared the new wood-polymer options to decking for home exteriors. Both products are a mix of wood fibers and PVC plastic. The siding is sold primarily under the Alside Revolution brand, but Cohoon predicts that most siding manufacturers will develop similar competing products. Revolution siding is made with recycled wood, and is 

Sanding is not recommended for decking products. Unlike wood and noncomposite polymers, has layers, including a harder outer coat that provides its resistance to the elements. Sanding destroys this and causes odd discoloration and markings in the surface that are irreversible. Pressure washing is another no-no. While great for driveways, wooden decks and siding, 1500 psi pressure washers will destroy the outer coating of composite decking, 

composite decking is an alternative to all-wood decking and is made of materials that can include recycled and new plastic, bamboo, and wood fibers. Features: Nine installation looks with three different colors and three surface choices: smooth, ridged or alternating. Also termite resistant, weather tested Materials: CertainTeed manufactures building materials that include decking, railing, fencing, trim, roofing, vinyl siding, insulation, gypsum, and ceiling products

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