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An adept arena player picks cards that best fit the deck that they're in the process of making rather than try to cram the best value minions and spells in blindly. In Hearthstone, unless there is additional situational card text value, a minion with a higher mana cost will be better than one of a lower cost.

Since the deck utilizes the “resurrect” mechanic, it does not need as many minions as other big decks! These slots can be filled Eternal Servitude This deck wouldn't be much of a Resurrect Priest if it couldn't resurrect minions. After your Lower Priority (Keep only if certain conditions are met). Pint-Size

The reward allows you to fill your deck with low-cost minions that have useful Battlecry effects and cards to help you recycle them, creating a toolbox of potential value. If you manage to stall long enough to pull off the reward, you can quickly flood the board with obscene amounts of stats and close out the

[Legend] Low cost Hunter. Last updated Oct 9, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs); Edit; . Delete. Standard. 21 Minions; 7 Spells; 2 Weapons. Deck Type: Ranked Deck; Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter; Crafting Cost: 1960; Dust Needed: Loading Collection; Created: 9 28 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs). View in Deck Builder. Copied to

Mage decks rely on damaging spells more than class-specific minions, so neutral cards with the ability to help you draw cards are essential for a Freeze deck. Low-cost minions like Novice Engineer and Loot Hoarder will fit in well with the bevy of damaging spells you deal out. Powerful spells like

Nature works for you in these Druid lists, exercising several class synergies to put you over the top. Flood the board with low cost minions, then strengthen their power levels before the opponent has time to respond with Token Druid. Or employ the power of Jade Druid and create an army of giant Jade

A class for the masochists, Hearthstone's Warlock takes a reckless approach to both gaining additional cards and fielding low-cost minions. The Warlock's Hero Power is an offensive one with a twist, as activating it will grant the player an extra card at the expense of two health. Minions like the Flame Imp

The Hearthstone decks below are not totally free, but they do all cost under 500 dust, and use only common and basic cards. There is When they are low enough, start pointing spells like Lightning Bolt at the face, but do not be afraid to use them early to clear minions and keep yours alive. Bloodlust is a

Posted Sep 3, 2017 (Frozen Throne). try to keep low cost minions and low cost spells like power word shield. or try to keep radiant elemental divine spirit inner fire combo there is a lot of option. and the important thing is try to use your imagination. thx for the comment have a good day m8. Rollback Post to

The typical mulligan strategy for this deck is to find your one mana cost minions and Mark of the Lotus. You want to flood the board as hard and as fast as possible, buff up all your minions and continue to buff them up, then protect them with taunt minions and finally Savage Roar lets you finish off your

considered weak. However, if you use your Priest in the right way and enough to level it a high level, it may just become the most powerful hero of all your decks. strong enemy minions. A good spell you can choose is giving ""attack"" to other minions since the priest doesn't have many high attacking low-cost minions.

These decks try to do two things at once: control against an aggro deck and aggro against a control deck. Thus, it can be harder to create such a deck. A way to do this is to focus on early survival (against aggro) while providing large threats (against control). Low cost minions are preferred, as well as cards that will buff them.

You don't need the Hunter Legendaries or the Epics, so you can use Candleshot, Dire Mole, and Flanking Strike all for very little cost! . Kobold Librarian is a powerful early game minion that replaces itself immediately, and Vulgar Homunculus is a great early game taunt that can help protect your other

[Pre GVG] Warlock Low Mana Rush. Last updated Jan 5, 2015 (GvG Launch); Edit; . Delete. Wild. 21 Minions; 9 Spells. Deck Type: None; Deck Archetype: Unknown; Crafting Cost: 2600; Dust Needed: Loading Collection; Created: 9 14 2013 (Beta Patch 3749). View Similar Decks View in Deck Builder. Copied to Clipboard.

Necrotic Geist has a very useful effect for decks that focus on low cost minions, because having a lot of minions that die easily allows it to summon a lot of 2 2 ghouls. It works well in a murloc deck. However, its high cost and low health make it an easy target for your opponnent's spells or minions, as it can

Guild Recruiter shows more finesse: you can have any expensive minions you like, but whatever zero to four cost minions you put in the deck affect the possible . In general, it is not worthwhile to Recruit low-cost minions, but as we get to the middle of the pack, interesting options become more plentiful.

This Shaman deck is a very low budget version of the classic Midrange Shaman archetype. It aims to curve through the game while gaining small incremental advantages from using their Hero Power and removing high-cost minions with low-cost removal spells. A big part of the strength of this deck lies in

Hearthstone Fun Decks: Drop it Down Low (Low Cost Minion Buff) Gimmick Deck -More Hearthstone Vids- Hearthstone Frozen Throne Gimmick Deck Battles https: yo

This low-cost Clash Royale Deck will spam your enemy troops in a flash since their elixir is really cheap. If you want a good alternative to the Huts Deck, here's a Low-Cost Spam Deck that only has 3.3 average elixir. Arrows: This card is great for eliminating Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes, and other low HP troops.

The use of low-cost minions allows aggro decks to put several into play very early in the game, allowing them to take control of the board and put pressure on the opponent to defend themselves. However, a focus on low-value minions can mean that aggro decks find themselves starved of options in the

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