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ACO Wexel is a range of cast iron roof and floor drains to suit almost any application, from pedestrian areas to flat roofs on any commercial or industrial project.

coats. The covering forms its own membrane, flashing and durable traffic surface. The DX flange is regularly furnished 4" in width. The usual cover- ing is approximately 3/16" thick and may be applied over many subsurfaces such as concrete, gypsum or wood decks. Such coverings are particularly adaptable to flat roofs, used for recreational purposes, balconies, area ways, plazas, sun decks, floors and corridors. When the DX flange is required on drains other than those shown in this.

roof drains and roof drain Parts of All Types, Re-roof drains, Deck drains, Parking Garage drains, Retrofit drains, Overflow drains, Scuppers and Replacement Parts.

flat roof drains. 258. Components. 259. Top sections. 261. Accessories. 262. Additional components. Greenery roof and multi- storey car park gulley grating. Additional components. 265. Accessories. 266. Multi-storey car park drainage. drains and channels. Multi-storey car park floor drain. 267. Multi-storey car park drainage channels. 270. Gravity rainwater drainage. Cast iron. 6. K9/1. Cast iron flat roof drains. roof drainage ▻ Gravity rainwater drainage ▻ Cast iron. Section contents 

fic because of the accumulation of dirt on the surfaces. Gravity drainage systems have wider pipes than syphonic drainage systems and are therefore less likely to become blocked. ACO Building Services therefore has no syphonic drainage sys- tems specially for parking deck drains. Regulations and standards. DIN and DIN EN standards must be com- plied with when planning and construc- ting parking deck drains. These stan- dards also apply to floor drains and flat roof drains.

BLÜCHER shower drains are ideally suited for bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms in housing, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers and much more.

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FUNCTION: Used in any type of conventional or flat roofs where a safety overflow, which receives water only when the accumulation is greater than the height of the standpipe, is required to be located beside a standard roof drain. The standpipe can be adjusted .. SPECIFICATION: MIFAB Series MH-F1460 lacquered cast iron deep sump floor drain with anchor flange, weepholes, and adjustable collar with standard 1” (25) thick, 16” (406) square, (specify material finish) tractor grate.

flat roof drains made of Ecoguss or polymer. In addition to a practical leaf trap to prevent blockages, flat roof drains are also available as an option in heated versions to secure the functional capability.

The Vertical Threaded outlet is manufactured in LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS1490:1970 for most roof finishes as standard or in leaded gunmetal to BS1400:1985 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipework. They ar.

The formation of CAROFLOW LIMITED, with personnel who have many years experience in the design and manufacture of roof and floor drainage products, has enabled their accrued knowledge to be brought together and resulted in a comprehensive range of high quality, engineered outlets that will give added security to the problems of the safe and secure removal of water, both on and within todays higher specification buildings. CAROFLOW flat roof and floor drainage Outlets 

BLÜCHER provides a complete stainless steel roof drainage system for all types of flat roofs, suitable for gravity or siphonic systems.

BLÜCHER provides a complete stainless steel roof drainage system for all types of flat roofs, suitable for gravity and vacuum or siphonic systems.

On large, flat roofs, mainly on commercial buildings or large residential complexes, you'll likely find internal drainage systems. Unlike scupper or gutter drainage systems, in which water flows off the side of the roof, internal systems allow for drains to be strategically placed throughout a roof deck to ensure water doesn't pool. Each drain connects to piping that runs through the building taking water to the ground or sewer.

apply to floor drains and flat roof drains. Emergency drainage. DIN 1986-100, Chapter 5.9 stipulates that emergency drainage systems can either drain freely through parapets, or that emergency drainage systems must be installed as gravity drainage systems or as planned completely full pipes with syphonic drainage. Fire protection. flat roof drains with fire protection are required on flat roofs in accordance with state building regulations if the separati- on between the roof drains and 

in DIN 1986-100 (version May 2008). Chapter 14.2.1, to calculate the number of drains required for a flat roof drainage system: The size of the effective roof in square metres (A). Type of roof flow coefficient (C). Local reference rainfall in litres/ second and hectare l/(s*ha) (r(D,T)). Effective roof area. In accordance with DIN 1986-100,. Chapter , calculating the effec- tive roof area must be based on the roof area projected onto the floor plan. Type of drained area. Flow coefficient 

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